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Enter into our store of boundless resources for spiritual, moral and intellectual edification. Our digital shelves hold offerings from classical thinkers to literary giants; with a considerable helping of faith and academic servings.
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Faith Collection

Our Faith Collection is an assemblage of spiritual and motivational works covering faith issues debated by pastors, life coaches, inspirational and motivational bestselling authors.

Dele Giwa Literary Collection

The Dele Giwa Literary Collection is an assemblage of the world’s greatest literary works, freely available to members of the Library. It’s our hope that students and teachers of English language, literature, journalism and lovers of the classics will find in this collection, tools to aid their studies, vocation and passion.

Havard Business Review Collection

The Havard Business Review Collection includes HBR Press' complete catalog of e-books.
This invaluable collection of business books is a treasure trove of insights into the world's greatest minds on succeeding in business, entrepreneurship, finance and all-round career development.

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